UVEX Ultrasonic Welding Goggles Shade 3 & Shade 5 Flip Up Lens

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Uvex Ultrasonic Welding Goggles Shade 3 or 5

A new generation of welding protection eyewear Shade 3 or 5. 
The innovative technology affords protection from UV and infrared light while maintaining perfect colour recognition in accordance with EN 172. 
The special infradur AF coating of the uvex ultrasonic flip-up 9302 safety goggle has anti-fog properties which prevents the inside of the lenses misting up and the extreme scratch-resistance on the outside keeps damage from welding sparks to an absolute minimum. 
The new welding safety goggle uvex ultrasonic flip-up 9302 fits the face perfectly and is extremely comfort - enhancing the wearer's experience.
Flip-Up Shade 3 or 5 Welding Lens
Spatter Resistant- Anti-Fog Lens
Perfectly suited for wearing over prescription safety specacles
UV and IR radiation protection (welding shade 3 or 5)