uvex phynomic silv-air hygiene gloves

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uvex phynomic silv-air hygiene gloves

self-sanitising reusable protective gloves against pathogens / micro-organisms

Hypo-Allergenic, Suitable for Allergy Sensitive Wearers

Made with Anti-Microbial Silver

Anti micro-organisms: the Phynomic Silv-Air glove series produced in Germany protects against germs and pathogens, such as can be found on shopping trolleys, door handles, coins etc

HEIQ VIROBLOCK by CHT: This revolutionary textile technology from Switzerland inactivates 99.9% of micro-organisms after 5 minutes* and cools the skin at the same time pleasantly

Touch screen: with the lightweight Phynomic Silv-Air, touch screens can be operated without any problems.

Underlying glove: Our glove is also suitable for underlaying in combination with examination gloves to increase the protective effect - perfect for carers, doctors, etc.

Versatile: perfect for use in retail, in the elderly home and in doctor's practices, in logistics, catering or for private individuals, e.g. when shopping, in the gym