uvex Pheos Sports Safety Glasses

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uvex Pheos Sports Style Safety Glasses

Conform to EN166 1F KN
Available in Standard Width Frame or Narrow Width
(8mm Narrower Than Standard)
Optimal all-round protection, Wide field of unimpaired vision
Frameless - so light and easy to clean
The modern, fashionable design of the UVEX Pheos makes it ideal for everyday wear in the industrial workplace.
 In addition to an attractive design, this safety spectacle incorporates highly innovative technology: the core component is the duo-spherical lens, which not only offers a wide field of vision but is extremely scratch-resistant on the outside and permanently anti-fog on the inside thanks to uvex's unique coating technology.
Areas of application:
Carpentry, construction, Turning, milling, light and precision engineering, assembly and maintenance, laboratory and outdoor work.
Protection from fast moving particles in all industries.