UVEX Megasonic OTG Safety Goggles Clear

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uvex megasonic wide-view OTG goggles

Over The Glasses Fit- The spacious internal volume and specifically designed recess accommodates side arms for spectacle wearers, delivering a universal fit, and ensures the same level of protection across the whole workforce.

The sporty, ergonomic design and ultra-comfortable fit make these goggles a reliable addition and allow you to get on with your day, without distraction.

For all-round vision- The revolutionary lens design of the uvex megasonic does not restrict the wearer's field of vision, delivering edge-to-edge, crystal-clear vision — even under difficult conditions

Increased safety when walking- The uvex megasonic's field of vision has been extended downwards to provide the wearer with maximum safety when walking, thereby eliminating the need to take the goggles on and off when walking on difficult surfaces.

The uvex megasonic is particularly suitable for the oil and gas industries, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, fire service, construction industry, metalworking, agriculture and forestry, food industry, waste management and the iron and steel industries.

Protection from fast moving particles in all industry.

Ideal for use in workshops, on building sites and DIY.

Article number 9320265

EN standards EN 166, EN 170

Frame colour: anthracite, blue

Marking W 166 34 BT CE

Material TPE

Lens: clear

UV protection: UV400

Coating: uvex supravision excellence

Marking 2C–1.2 W1 BTKN CE

Material PC (polycarbonate)

Weight   96 g