uvex i-vo Welding Glasses Black/Green Frame Available in Shade 1.7, 3 or 5

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uvex i-vo Welding Glasses

uvex is the first company to develop a unique grey-tint welding filter lens, which not only gives 100% ultraviolet and infrared protection and reduces glare.

 Also gives perfect natural colour recognition, in accordance to EN172, unlike traditional green-tint welding lenses, which can alter colours.

Correct colour vision is vital in welding tasks where safety can depend on the correct recognition of colours in safety signs and signals, in areas such as foundries, steelworks, aerospace or engineering.

 Brand new to the market, uvex’s new range of grey welding filter lenses, which come in three different shades of grey, is also the first to feature the permanent anti-fog lens coating technology, uvex infradur AF, which prevents the inside of the lenses misting up. And the exceptionally scratch-resistant coating on the outside of the lens gives excellent levels of protection against damage from welding sparks.

The grey lens provides increased impact protection, in contrast to the old-style green welding lens, in which the green tint could weaken the mechanical strength of the lens.


Because of its revolutionary qualities, the comfortable new grey lens ensures wearer compliance and so increases safety and health in the workplace, fully protecting the wearer’s eyes during the welding process. 

Lens: PC grey/welding /uvex infradur AF

Protects against UV and IR light

Mechanical strength: F (45 m/s)