ATG MaxiCut Cut-Resistant (level 3) Leather Palm Oil-Resistant Work Gloves

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ATG MaxiCut Oil-ResistantLeather Palm Gloves

Reinforced Thumb Gusset Area- Full Suede Leather Palm Patch

Cut resistant work glove for Assured Protection™ in oily or wet environments.Can be used to protect against contact heat up to 100°C for 15 sec. Not to be used for protection against naked flames

The durability of your gloves is important when you're working for long periods of time.

The MaxiCut Oil Resistant Palm Coated 34-450LP Gloves are designed so they can be laundered, which helps improve the durability and cleanliness of the gloves.

Resistant against a wide range of hazards, including oils, liquids and heat, the gloves help keep you safe in a number of applications.

The MaxiCut 34-450LP Gloves are designed to repel liquids, oils and chemicals while also protecting you against high temperatures.

This makes them particularly suited to handling tasks that require additional grip in harsh environments