uvex x-fit ear plug dispenser “one 2 click”

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uvex ear plug dispenser "one 2 click"

Easy-to-use, robust wall-mounted dispenser. Easy installation and a controlled release mechanism which ensures the correct number of plugs are dispensed. The audible "one 2 click" system prevents over supply.

General features

Easy-to-use, robust wall-mounted dispenser

With a "click" the plug is in the hand

Transparent design makes it easy to monitor the number of earplugs remaining

Collecting tray catches the earplugs

Dispenser Model No.: 2112.000

Replacement ear plugs bag of 200 pairs 2112006 Com4-Fit orange foam earplugs

Conforms to EN 352-2 standard and additional requirements W

24 decibel isolation and very good speech perception

Reduction of noise that forms in the inner ears when wearing hearing protection equipment

Ear plugs with low noise absorption and good speech perception